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Whats better making Love or Going to work?         You just finished having 3 hours long of hot, steamy, electrifying sex with your girl. Now you got to get up and be to work with in and hour. Your job actually is really nothing but a reincarnation of slave labor in the 1800’s. Kiss your girl look at her beautiful coke bottle shape and model face. Then get dressed walk a 20 minute walk down the street to go and work for some idot who really doesn’t give a hell about you just his work production and the profit that he reaps. You feel unappreciated and insignificant. Although many feel that having a job keeps people responsible, having sex keeps people happy and makes them feel apart of a distinctive event. Making love is a labor in its on also but it is a labor that, the rewards are far greater than any amnount on a paycheck.

        Granted, having a job does have its economic and social benefits.I t gives you a chance to meet new people and maximize the diversity of your life as well receiving currency for you toil. The accumulation of people you meet as a whole could better your life. You may meet a man that can give you a ninety percent discount on all sneakers or a lady that does your tax returns for twenty dollars.

        Nickens 2 Furthermore making love is so more exciting and way more fun than doing something for someone who don’t give a fuck about you as a oppose to someone who loves you. First making love is great because it gives you pleasure, anything that gives you pleasure as a oppose to stress is definitely going to have a higher rating on my to do list. What could possibly be better than engaging in something that gives you personal pleasure and on top of that giving someone you love with all your heart the same feeling. You know how people say “ o this job is easy I could o this all day”; and then two weeks later they hat doing. Making love I could involve myself in it for an eternity! Second, there is no stress involved in love making, it is all relaxed, wonderful delightful motions. As oppose to like my job(Shoprite) , where I work lifting heavy objects and constantly having to reach up or bend down; not very fun movements. Stressful if you ask me. The total opposite of love making, which is good for releasing stress as well as afterwards having your body relaxed. Not to mention not having to worry about someone not appreciating you because you know the passion that you felt during intercourse was your love just super charged ten times the normal feeling.

The final and reason that Intercourse is better is not because your not working, because you are working your body. But that you are working with a person that you know feels the same for you, as you do for them and they are not going to take that for granted. At my job I am willing to do anything for extra money, my boss knows this therefore he trys to make me do ridiculous task for the simple fact that he knows I will Nickens 3 do it. That is why I would rather stay home with the love of my life and please her all day and get the same in return than make a fortune at my job.

Although many may say working is neccsary to ensure security in life, the enjoyment of your life is just as important. You could work a million hours a week and be rich but without some sort of happiness, which for more than eighty percent of the world is sex says the Magazine “Life”. It just does not matter.