My Passion For the Guitar

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When I was about thirteen years old, I heard Led Zeppelin for the first time in my life. I had never really been a big fan of music, but now as this music hit me for the first time; I needed to close my eyes and really listened to this music. I stopped whatever I was doing, closed my eyes, and listened right to the end of the album. Three times over. It touched me deeply. This was real music. For the first time I wasn’t hearing teenage kids whining about their girlfriends while playing two chords really fast on a guitar, but I was listening to men with incredible musical talent, who had invented their own style, their own genre.

That was the day I took a real interest in music. I learned to love music. I would listen to music all day long and sleep with music playing at night.

I would listen to a song and each note would bring new pictures to my mind, new ideas, new thoughts. I would download music on my computer all day trying to discover new ideas and new sounds.

When I was about 16 years old, my cousin taught me a simple song on the guitar. I practiced it for hours until I got it right. When I could finally play along with the recorded version, I was so thrilled. I could play a song people actually know. I could play along with one of my favorite bands. In ecstasy I cried: “If I can play this, I can play anything!” My obsession for guitar grew from there. I just could not put the guitar down.

It is in learning the guitar that I now understand why so many people worship their favourite musicians like they are gods. What Jimmy...