"My summer at camp" My camp in Cape Cod about how I didn't want to go home.

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As I lay in bed before falling asleep, I remember going camping in Maine;

the long van ride, wedged in with thirteen people,

arriving at last at the bike shop and having a picnic,

biking until we thought we would never be able to move again,

piling on top of each other and singing as our counselor played his guitar,

watching the boys wrestle and wondering why they would subject themselves to pain for fun,

going to Ogunquit and eating at the camp-famous "Barnacle Billy's" while it poured.

As I lay in bed before falling asleep, I remember working on Banquet;

all the nights we went to bed after 12:30,

the large amount of pizza we consumed at all hours,

the frustration as we were forced to destroy a monster because it couldn't fit out the door,

sitting in the corner writing songs and a skit with my friend Zack,

the panic we felt when we realized we had four nights to paint 75 murals,

the overwhelming sadness when Banquet-and our lives as campers-ended.

As I lay in bed before falling asleep, I remember Final Campfire;

Sitting beside Jacinta, my friend and counselor,

digging my toes and fingers into the sand of the beach,

standing up and speaking before the entire camp,

singing along with all the songs chosen by my bunkmates,

falling asleep surrounded by friends, waking for the story at the end,

hugging my counselors and friends as the embers faded and everyone slowly returned to their cabins.