My thoughts on being hit by a Car

Essay by LuddersA, March 2006

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I awoke that fateful Saturday morning, content and in high spirits, with the prospect of an enjoyable day ahead. I was going to shooting practice with my explorer group. We had to practice for the district competition, where I hoped that I would do very well. The shooting ended joyfully we said our goodbyes and started the journey back to our homes to begin the rest of the weekend. Having achieved the highest score during the shooting I was delighted that we would probably win the district competition. I began the short walk back to my house. When I reached the road, some problems began to arise. I had stopped at a very busy intersection, and cars were all over the road. I saw many menacing glares between the drivers, and there was tension in the air. There was an unusually large amount of traffic going in both directions along the road.

Music was sounding through the cars, and the screech of brakes was becoming irritating. Having waited for some time to no avail, an old lady, possibly 70 years old, decided to try and help me. She attempted to stop the traffic; I still could not see behind the long convoy of traffic. She continued to wave me across the road and, although wary, I began the walk across the road. I stopped in front of her car. By now, the drivers of the cars were becoming impatient, and not wanting to be the cause of trouble, I ran across the last half of the road. And then it happened. SMACK!

I felt no pain, except one of the most extraordinary sensations I have ever felt. I was floating through the air driven by the force of the car. As I was in the air, my mind was working...