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My Last Vacation         On my last vacation, I went to Puerto Rico with my family. My family included my mom, my dad, my little brother, and my cousin. We went for one week; for the first five days, we stayed in, a perfect beachside town on the west side of the island. The last two days, we stayed in San Juan, the capital. To get to the island we went by plane. The trip was very fun and an amusable experience.

        For the first five days, we stayed in. The trip from San Juan, where the airport is, to Rincon must have been at least 4 hours long. When we got to the town, we where completely taken by surprise by how beautiful everything was. We stayed at a beachhouse that was part of a 5 house community that had its own beach. When we went it was during the Puerto Rican school year, so the beaches were all empty everyday.

We had the beach all to ourselves and we had a lot of fun. We rented a boat on our trip and we went really far out to sea.

        For the last two days, we stayed in the capital, San Juan. We stayed in a nice little hotel and we visited all of the big famous sites, like the Castillo de San Marcos. All in all, we had a lot of fun on our trip. If I was given a choice of where to go on vacation, I would definitely pick Puerto Rico again.