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Essay by Vkasza October 2005

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Through writing, one is allowed to personally connect themselves with their inner thoughts and the end results are then produced on paper. I believe that writing is a vital part of everyday life, because through writing we are able to communicate with one another and to express our emotions. Writing has allowed me to express my ideas when I am unable to verbally, which is very important for me because I can be somewhat shy. I have always enjoyed writing, whether I may be addressing a formal informative issue, my personal thoughts, or trying to persuade the reader.

Like many other writers, I always tend to write my best after everything in my mind has been set free. When I say this, I simply mean that there is no point in starting to write a paper when you are stressed and you are unable to apply your maximum potential. Ultimately, I find that I tend to enjoy writing the most when I don't have anything on my mind to interfere with my thoughts and cause my paper to become unclear or sloppy to the reader.

The common phrase "it's not the quantity, it's the quality" would be my definition of my writing methods. I may not spend many hours on a paper, but if I give it my full concentration then there is more chance for success. For example, I spent four hours on a government paper only to receive B+. However, the next week I received an A on an Anatomy paper because I applied my full concentration on it. This allowed me to realize that its not how long I spend writing the paper, but how much concentration I am willing to apply to it.

If I enjoy the topic of the paper I am working on, then...