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Name of Company - Columbia Industries

Objectives of the company -

1) to be able to deliver automotive plastic injection parts to the automotive industries within Australia and overseas

2) to be competitive (cost pricing policy) - finance department's role

3) to have quality products by using the state of the art technology

4) innovations through collaboration with customer mainly with manufacturing department and engineering departments

5) timely delivery by distribution and warehousing department

Company structure - top down approach, according to function

company executive officer

engineeringmanufacturingdistribution & warehousingfinance

Structure of Distribution and Warehousing -

Materials Manager - Ferdinand Verdan (interviewed)

Materials Manager

Warehousing Manager


team leaders

sub-assemblyassembly workersdriversstoreperson

Objective of the Distribution and warehousing unit - to obtain a 100% delivery rating to a minimum of 80%. When rating rate falls below 80% it would mean the company would not be able to negotiate for new contracts.

MENTORING - It is in accordance with company structure - top to bottom approach.

The managers are directly responsible of their subordinates and have to answer to the CEO on their own departments' performance.

Every week there is an informal meeting between the CEO and managers of each department on work related issues. The CEO would sometimes require reports based on his needs.

SYSTEM OF PRODUCTION (KANBAN SYSTEM) - The company only produces automotive parts that are required by the customers, meaning the company does not have stockpile of inventories. The automotive industries also operate in accordance with the Kanban system.

The materials manager's role -

1) to ensure that objective of the unit is being achieved

2) to work within the budget allocated to them, sometimes the unit has gone over the budget, it is the duty of the manager to negotiate with finance department to obtain more funding. There...