Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys A Crime for Christmas

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        This book is set in New York City at Christmas time with four detectives. Their names are Joe, Nancy, Bess and Frank. These wonderful detectives where sent to New York to figure out who the pair of cat burglars where.

        When the detectives met the famous Prince from Sarconne, He was pretending to be someone else because he wanted to get away from his cousin Count Renauld, Who was such a twerp. Gene Claude has fallen in love with Bess so the prince bought her a chocolate crown. The strange thing was that when Bess went to eat it several days later, she found out that there was thick yellow goopy glue inside of it, the kind of glue that you smear on something then you put a bomb on top of the glue. So that put the chocolate store salesman at the top of the list as one of the burglars.

The only thing was that he seemed taller than the two burglars that they have seen kidnapped Jean Claude.

        Several times in the story Jean Claude gets kidnapped but the first time he got kidnapped he came out of it with absolutely no grief and as the captures went on they got worse and worse. It's like the first two or three where planed but the fourth was not planed, the handsome prince was cut, bruised, and raggedy clothed, dirty and out of breath. Another thing that the detectives noticed about the Princes limo driver, Francois, after every Kidd napping he kept getting more and more suspicious. After the last one of theses incidents, which was the same day at this party that The Prince was having at the U.N. Francois kept repeating "I just do what I am told, sir" and he just kept driving farther and...