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Napoleon Banaparte? Was he a hero that was invincible yet structured and dignified through the countries he passionately triumphed? Or did he run for cover when things didn't go like they should've? Did he dishonestly win his battles? Did he have no genius of his own did he live off of others genius instead? Did he attack a country with no mercy no warning? He was not a tyrant people mad him out as a tyrant. Napoleon may not have gone about obtaining his land the conventional way. Instead he did things the way they instinctively came which was not what the people where accustomed to. He was a strong-minded man that was not at all spontaneous or impulsive. He put great thought and cunning into his battles and his tactics. He was a military mastermind who was almost invincible but not entirely. As all humans he had a weakness, his thought of invincibility.

He underestimated the strength of another country. He never thought someone could love a country as much as he his own.

Napoleon brought many freedoms to France. Freedoms that France had never had before. Such as they were free to practice any religion; he put equality before law, trial, jury, and freedom of conscience. These were things France had never had until Napoleon came and gave it to them. He gave them these things because he was once one of them he was not of nobility. Which angered many of the nobles because they believed he was not worthy of the position he had for the reason that he didn't have the right bloodline. He proved them inaccurate and accurate at the some time. Depending on your stance toward Napoleon decides where and if you think he was wrong or right. But what the nobles didn't...