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It is human nature to be afraid of new things. Napster is a music sensation for those willing to embrace it, and a nightmare for the unrivalled record labels. Napster is a type of radio for personal use, a breakthrough in technology, and it creates exposure for musical artists. Napster should be allowed to have people download music from the Internet.

        MP3 technology and the Napster software allow for almost a personalized radio. Surveys directed to college students done by Napster show that the songs downloaded are usually deleted within months. People who listen to the radio make copies of songs played. Napster allows consumers to preview entire albums and make a wise purchase decision. MP3’s allow listeners to hear what they want whenever they want. Since some albums are only available online, Napster makes it simple to find them.

Napster was a breakthrough in computer technology because it allowed mass user-to-user downloading of music or any other files over the Internet that was incomprehensible prior to Napster’s existence.

It is similar to loaning a CD to someone and them making a copy. That kind of piracy has been going for years. Napster is a new form of communication and because it is over the Internet, it is no longer localized. Also since one main group of people is doing it, it is easier to control. Napster was a good invention, so why shut it down? If Napster is shut down, companies with similar prototypes will arise making “a new Napster”. MP3 technology is here to stay, why try to eliminate an entire breed of technology.

        Thirdly, Napster gives artists exposure that would be non-existent otherwise. Napster’s NAP (New Artist Program) is designed solely for such a purpose. Word of mouth helps artists get exposure, but without Napster it might...