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Napster is a company that has recently come out within the last two years over the Internet. The company created a computer software that allows Internet users access to music. This new technology is an opportunity for people to find music that is no longer sold in stores. The controversy, the three professors argued was over the issue of should it be legal for anyone to download artists music and make multiple copies.

I enjoyed listening to all three of the different views given. I felt that each had good points, but I did not agree or disagree fully with anyone of the different approaches. I can respect the fact that "music is an art form", because I agree with Marcel's statement. Music is something that is showing someone's feelings, and is expressing their originality. In that way music is art. Yet the beauty of art and the goal of museums are to share that with others.

The friendly thing to do is let that emotional piece of art effect others. That is all that Napster is aiming to do, is be a museum for music for Internet users.

I do not have Napster, but I like knowing that if I am doing a project on "˜African Musical Styles' over the generations that I can log on and listen to the music and have a better understanding.