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As we are coming to the end of the twentieth century, this era is marked with computers, more advanced machines, more efficient and quicker ways of transportation, and overall achievements. While third world countries such as Africa are pondering how they will manage to put food on the table that night or try to stop continuous starvation, famine and hunger problems have plagued their continent for ages. Hunger, starvation, and famine, are issues in which many suffer and feeling the detrimental and threatening affects in their everyday lives. The African community is being affected from their respected, to their children, to their children's children. ²Hunger and malnutrition remain the most devastating problems facing the majority of the worlds poor. Despite general improvements in food availability, and health and social services, hunger and malnutrition exist in one form or another in every country,'' (UN Food and Agriculture Organization). Though hunger is affecting the world as a whole, we are continuously facing the reoccurring problems affecting Africa through the media, newspapers, and first hand sources.

In my previous paper regarding the issues of Africa, I had asked three main questions - Why is there starvation, hunger, and famine in Africa; How can we fix this continuous problem which Africa is faced with; and How is this problem in Africa affecting the world as a whole? Through writing this paper, I will explain or bring light to my three questions and help you understand the true severity of this problem.

        To begin with, I will address my first question; Why is there starvation, hunger, and famine in Africa? By now we should all know of the problem in which I am addressing. There are numerous problems which we are aware of and sometimes turn our heads until the problem arises. "Despite the enormous...