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National History Day

Since the seventh grade, I have competed in National History Day (NHD). Of all my high school activities, it is from this academic competition that I have learned the significant value of dedication, persistence, and knowledge through intensive research. I have been able to immerse myself within topics that have left a footprint in our nation's history. With each progressive year, NHD becomes more than some project with deadlines; for me, it has become a driving force in my search for greater knowledge and a clearer future. I have felt the impact of National History Day in my life.

Always the studious and applied student, I have taken great pride in all of the work I do and the focus with which I do it. NHD has not been different. In my first year of competition, after researching for months, analyzing a vast array of resources, and creating an informative exhibit board, I did not advance from the regional level.

However, I decided that the next year I would go to state and nationals the year after that (I was not going to say, "Oh well, nice try," and quit; I wanted my work to get better year after year). The following school year, I chose my topic, researched for months, made another exhibit, and went to competition. This would become my first year to compete at the state level. My freshman year followed in the same fashion, but this year I obtained my goal: I made it to nationals! This experience was exciting, not only because I was representing myself, my school, and my town, but also I was the number one representative for my state for the Senior Individual Exhibit (only the top two places from each category continue on to National History Day in...