Native American Mascots

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Native Americans have been used as sports mascots since the very first organized sports were played. They are not used as mascots in order to be humiliated, mocked, or joked about by any means. Native Americans as mascots should not be stopped, but some other changes could be made. Our school mascot has been the Indians for ages and should also not be changed.

        Native Americans should not be angry that we use them as mascots. A mascot is something that your school and team stands up for and is very proud of. There has never been one time that I have heard anything bad said about a Native American that has to do with our mascot or any mascot. An Indian is a strong, brave warrior who fears nothing and will battle for their people at all costs. It is a great mascot to have because athletes battle for their team and school at all costs.

There can be some changes made to ensure that organizations are not humiliating any Native Americans. The person being the mascot should also have to learn the tribes actual rituals and dances instead of just acting like he knows what he is doing while he is being the mascot at events. All students or athletes who participate in the sporting event should be made to learn about the tribe's history and rituals. DuQuoin's mascot should not be changed because I feel like there is no other mascot that could fulfill DuQuoin like the Indian.

        Native Americans have been used as mascots for many years, and that should not change. Mascots as Native Americans are not used to make fun of them. They are used to represent them proudly for their school. I feel that Native American mascots should not be stopped and that DuQuoin should be able to keep their mascot as the Indians and should proudly represent it with a few minor changes said above.