The Natural World

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The Natural World by Alejandra Reyes

All around us, though we may not notice, exists nature. Whether it is in the form of climate, life,

or energy begs of no importance, as it is the root of our being. What some do not comprehend is that

the natural world is more than just the trees and birds outside, or instinct that is felt by some animals, or

the sun that brings us light everyday. Nature is everything around us in a massive scale, in a subatomic

and cosmic sense. This tale is about a man and his dog, and their experience with the natural world

surrounding them.

It was a gloomy afternoon. The sun was tucked away behind the clouds, shy as ever. Who

knew that this crestfallen evening would be the creator of a precious memory between man and his best

friend? Crystal flakes began falling from the dismal sky, turning the terra into a wintry elegance. Along its

path walked a pedestrian with a mongrel by his side. This was no surprise, as this individual customarily

sauntered through the trail along with his companion. However, there was nothing ordinary about

today's trek.

The man looked around and noticed he was surrounded by a snowy mist. He looked toward

his small pooch, and found him pouncing up and down, leaping in the air, desperately trying to catch one

of the mysterious crystals.

"Someone is certainly enjoying his walk," said the man.


Moments like these are one of lifes precious delicacies. The owner looked down at his dog and

smiled. Not often did he encounter pure joy and beauty. Tiny flakes landed on tree branches, and began

piling up around the gates surrounding the residence. At last, a blanket of snow covered everything. The

man himself had never before...