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I have always thought I was the oldest of three children. I prided myself on being the big sister and always helping to raise my younger sister and brother. In the summer time I would always fly to Denver to see my favorite Aunt. Sometimes all of us siblings would go, sometimes just me. I loved the time I spent with her and I fondly remember her being an important part of my life. She was my family, my favorite Aunt. One day my perception of my Aunt changed. When I was 15 my parents left their tax return forms on the coffee table, when I came home from school I saw them and noticed that on the forms my last name was different from my brother and sisters. When I questioned my parents they told me that the reason this was so was because the man I thought was my father was actually my step father.

This changed my life forever; there was a man out there that I did not know, who my biological father. Would I ever meet this man? Did I need to meet this man? And who was this man that I called Daddy?

Finding out that I had a step-father was hard for me. My perception of my family had changed. I was not the normal kid anymore, I felt like an alien. Things seemed normal in the house. This was my perception, normalcy, I would go about my day without a worry, and my life was great. Now I felt that my world was turned upside down. Then after this shocking information came out my mother told me that my Aunt was really my sister. She got pregnant with her at a young age, 17, and my grandmother adopter her and raised her...