'Was Nazi foreign Policy aimed In the Word domination '

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‘Was Nazi foreign Policy aimed In the Word domination ?’‘Was Nazi foreign Policy aimed In the Word domination ?’ there are no doubts that this question provoke and rise a great historical and historigraphical debate. Nevertheless, before any arguments will be discussed and any analysis presented it is required to precise the subjects on which this essay will concentrate.

Therefore, first ‘world domination’ will be defined as ‘majority world domination not as world government. Thus, it will be shown that Nazi foreign policy was aimed at making The Third Reich ('Reich' meaning 'empire') the most powerful political force in the world, thus dominating the globe. This paper makes no suggestion that the Nazis planned to make the whole of the globe subject to the Reich's government, nor is this suggestion necessary to the question. Secondly, Adolf Hitler foreign policy that were presented between the publication of the Second Volume of “Mein Kampf” in December 1926, and his death in April 1945, as well as military and diplomatic actions of the Nazi state during the period 1936-1945.

Yet, as it was mentioned earlier, question of Nazi foreign policy rise a board and great historical debate, than it is very hard to contain everything and cover the whole case.

Thus, unfortunately there will be no discussion about domestic policies event if they influence foreign polices nor sociological and cultural backgrounds to Hitler's policies on 'blood and soil' i.e. the demographic question posed by agricultural requirements versus urbanisation of Germany at the tail end of industrialisation.

Than, according to many historians Nazi foreign policy suffered from chaotic nature of decision making (Geary 2000: 10) and Hitler’s supposedly constants indecisiveness show a view of foreign policy not as Hitler's programme but as a more elastic and unprocessed direction. Than, this essay will argue that...