How Nazi policy changed the lives of Jews.

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When Nazis came to power in 1933 there was a big change in how Jews were allowed to live their lives. Jews had restrictions on everything, they were even made to live only in a certain part of their country's called Ghettos. Over three million Jews were slaughtered during the Holocaust this essay is going to tell you about the restrictions that Jews during this time had to live under.

Firstly Jews were considered to be evil people by the rest of the population in Germany. Through propaganda and trickery Hitler and the Nazi party blamed Jews for everything bad that happened to them as a nation. They blamed the Jews for Germany's loss of World War 1, for the Black plague, and for basically every unexplainable disaster that happened. This was the fuel that fired Germans hate for Jews, and why Jews were killed and put under restricted conditions.

A Ghetto is a suburb or part of a city where Jews were kept and not allowed to associate with other non-Jews. Jews were forced to stay in these Ghettos and if they tried to escape they were shot. Ghettos were sometimes cleaned out, this was when Nazi solders would come in to the ghetto and literally clean the ghetto free of Jews. This disgusting slaughter called a pogrom (anti Jewish campaign) killed thousands of Jews.

Concentration camps were another horrible way the Nazis used to keep the Jews . The Jews underwent horrible treatment in these camps with little food, slaughtering of fellow Jews, and forced labour. The Concentration camps were a horrifying place. In some of them Jews would have a race to the top of a cliff were they were carrying bricks for buildings, whichever one got the to the top of the cliff first won the...