NBA 2003 ALL-STAR GAME - Michael Jordan - the relationship

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The topic, which I am about to start writing, is giving me the creeps. Whenever I write about a particular event I try to give to the reader a picture of what is going on, but today's assignment is far more challenging than this. While in other assignments, I tried to draw a picture for my reader so that he or she will get a better idea of the story I was going to tell, in today's assignment I will have to write exclusively on the picture, rather than the story. There is an old saying that says: "a picture is worth a thousand words", ironically today's assignment asks from me to write more than one thousand words about a particular picture. It seems that the world's logical order has been completely reversed. Wasn't it better to keep to the old saying?!

My essay will speak about this year's NBA All-star game that took place in Atlanta, on February the 9th.

The hour hands were striking three, but it wasn't a night of sleeping in the Skaptopara Dormitory. Many of AUBG's students were gathered around the TV and were impatiently waiting to receive the first shots from the Philips Arena. A wave of excitement embraced us when the German channel "Premiere" focused on the basketball players that were making their first appearance in the arena. Everyone had a comment of his own: "Here's Koby"; "Give me a break, he is nothing compared with O'Neal"; and so on. My friend Dren was giving no signs of excitement. He was deeply preoccupied with whether Jordan was going to play.

"What?" he shouted from the back of the lobby. Jordan is not in the first line-up?

Soon, he sat back on the armchair after a Croatian guy translated the words of the German...