neolithic revolution

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Neolithic Revolution

Neolithic Revolution shows its importance by teaching and learning about most of the thing humans have known and love today. The Neolithic Revolution has also showed the world about art, farming, domesticating animals and much more. A lot of which people would say they would have a hard time living without. It was the starting point for agriculture which many people would say must have in today's world.

The Neolithic revolution was a crucial starting spot for human lifestyles mostly because of it being the period of time in which agriculture was discovered and was starting to be practiced in this time. Agriculture has become part of the definition of civilization in current times its part of the human lifestyle. It gives mankind these important things; farming, food, pets, domesticated animals, and much more. Instead of hunting for all animals we have managed to domesticate most of all animals possible for us.

Hunters and gatherers were unwilling to switch to the practice of farming at first, we can see that the results were well worth it and more favorable, more so than the results of hunting and gathering.

Next they began using stuff we use today like record keeping, advanced technology and more. They advanced technology today compared to theirs was a great big difference. They went from digging sticks to excavators and bobcats and rocks to hammers and electric powered tools. The people in that time could never have even imagined of things like this to come to be. They also created art in these times which now is worth millions of dollars when sold at an auction my an artist . Art has cam a long way since cave drawlighs we now have art on peoples bodies aka tattoos.

In the Neolithic Revolution they Began to domesticate animals which gave them many privileges and advantages than they already had before. Because, they then could use the animals to pull heavy thing like wagons, plows and equipment needed for farming. The domesticated animals could be used for defense of property, homes, and family. They could slaughter the animals too so they wouldn't need to go hunt for them which made it much easier on the people.

In conclusion he Neolithic Revolution has created the world of today its given humans many things taken for granted. Humans have so much fancy futuristic things that humans waste and they would ove every bit of. Now current times have inventions they never could even imagine of existing in the world. Also know more things they ever did.