New Organizational Structure

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In being the newly hired manager for this company and being asked to provide the company with a new organizational structure by providing the steps in managing the new structure along with providing a new policy, I sat long thinking about what I should do. I asked myself questions such as what do us as an organization want to achieve with this change, Why and how will we know that the changes have been achieved?, and Who is affected by the change and how will they react to it? (Robbins & Coulter, 2008) In my thinking stage I came up with a strategy that would add to the changes of the organizational structure. This can be done by applying the following structures:For the new organizational structure it will be provide a vision of the realigning of individuals, their tasks and procedures along with new functions.

The steps that will be used to transform the old structure into the new structure by managing and looking over the changes.

Finally, provide a new policy that must be applied immediately to sooth the transformation that are being made for the new organizational structure.

Transforming to the New Organizational StructureWith providing a new vision of the new organizational structure I must first determine what is working well and what’s not working at all. This can be done by holding a meeting with the employees and asking them questions to determine what can be done. After holding the meeting and taking the answers that was provided by the employees I have come up with a simple organizational structure. The first thing that will be done is to bring the product line from the old days and turn it into a current up to date product line that will be considered as a top seller product...