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The Revolutionary War was first started in New England, acknowledged in Philadelphia, and concluded in Virginia. But the ultimate battle ground for the Revolutionary War was New York. New York's history in the revolt for Liberation comprised the initial battle.         After the occupation of Rhode Island by General Howe, they had taken over New York City on September 20, 1776. Soon after, the city was enkindled. The fire was said to be started by a patriot, because a British soldier would presumably not set their chosen head quarters for the war, on fire.

                New York has miles of coastline, which made it impractical for the American Army to protect New York against the British Troops. But, the American troops did not flee when the British appeared with a greater offence in the harbor. The British army drove the patriots from their homes, the American Troops were outnumbered by the British troops and had no defence for New York City.

                Two American strongholds, Washington on the East Coast and Lee on the Jersey bank, put up defence toward a British march up the Hudson. But these forts were brought down abruptly under British invasion, and the British at once held the entire New York City territory. Howe was therefore in a situation where he could use the New York harborage as the main British aggression refuge.

The mouth of the Hudson River opens out into the city of New York. This was a great advantage for the British once they had taken hold of New York. Also, New York's integral position made it the ideal place for the British troops to stay after they left Rhode Island. One third of the Revolutionary war's battles were fought on the ground of New York. New York is where the blood was shed, and the engagement for independence was fought. For this I think that New York should be given a more distinguished mention in the history of the Revolutionary War.