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Tommy Rodriuge, a current ninth grade teacher at Larose Cutoff Jr. high School prepares for a big day. Students in his Science and Study Skills classes will be participating in a karaoke sing off. Each participant singing will be graded. "This will count as a major grade," says Rodriuge. Students who choose not to take part in this contest are required to write a 500-word essay pertaining to any topic.

There will be many requirements to the karaoke participants. For example, everyone in the group must sing. Things such as racial and sexual issues will be prohibited. Also, each song bust be at least three minutes long or points will be deducted by the judges.

Though reports are not everyone's favorite thing to do, it may be a lifesaver in this case. To some people who are very shy, they probably did not even think twice about doing a report.

The report must reach a minimum of five hundred words. Ink is required along with no scratch out marks. So as Rodriuge says, "those participating have to practice along with the essay writers." Considering the fact that this is the 12th annual contest, Rodriuge hopes for a huge success. He does not expect everyone to have great singing talent, but at least they tried. There will be a first, second, and third place winner amongst the group of students. For Rodriuge to make this a success, he prepares early. Speakers are being set up along with decorations. Rodriuge will be very fortunate if this turns out to be a success.