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Work is enough as it is, so why bring it to school? I do not think that students attending O'Farrell Middle School should have to do home work. Why? Well, because as many children know, when they get home from doing work at school, they have to do more. Chores, cleaning your room, hanging out with friends, and visiting family are things that I would rather do than home work.

Now, I have heard teachers say that home work is good for the practice. I do agree with that. But, to solve arguments like that why don't we just do one or two assignments a month. So you can still be practicing skills, but not every day.

I think that a lot of kids already have plenty to do when they get home. Some children including me are also tired. My big brother plays basketball for his school and when he comes home he's usually very tired and sore.

So he does not have time to do home work. Also extra curricular activities look good on college applications.

I know for a fact that teachers are tired and do not like it when students do not turn in their work. So I think that teachers should prevent bad grades from getting passed out by not giving out home work in the first place. Not only that but if you stop giving home work to students, they'll be more focused on regular assignments at school. And also may not feel so overwhelmed with things to do.

No home work would help kids and also teachers. If home work stopped getting passed out, teachers would not have to correct work. Instead, they can go home and spend their time doing things that are more valuable to them. A lot...