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Regarding to the statistic in the beginning of 2005,"most growth had seen in China, which is now Nokia's biggest single market, followed by increases in the rest of the Asia-Pacific region and in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Sales were disappointing in North and South America."( Therefore, we mainly selected America as our target area to alter to a totally different new image that everyone had not known before by advertising. Demographics characteristics are focus on student, especially for college students whose want to use better function and quality fashionable cell phones.

Why does the new slogan" It is art, it is Nokia "can get a better distribution for Nokia? Now, we are going to focus on its creative design with more functions and personal way of usages in U.S.A. market. In the past two years, there were only functional cell phones but no fashion designs, such as Nokia 6620, Nokia 6682, and Nokia 3320. We decided to develop cell phones as art productions in order to increase our market sale.

There's so many competitor in the world market. However, since we decided to focus on U.S.A. market, Motorola, Samsung Electronics, Sony Ericsson, LG

Electronics are the four main competitors. According to recent news report, "Market researchers Gartner put Nokia's share of the market at 32.6 percent in the third quarter, followed by U.S.-based Motorola with 18.7 percent. Samsung Electronics had 12.5 percent, the Sony Ericsson joint venture stood at 6.7 percent and LG Electronics at 6.5 percent" ( Every competitors are now improving, especially Samsung increase a large amount of market share within 2 years. Therefore, we expect to raise the market share to 36% in the first year.

How we are going to innovate is to use advertising changing our new image. We would post...