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Daniel Márquez Pedrosa

24 hour party people.

We are facing an historical film based on the pop-rock and even dance music revolution in Manchester during 70s, 80s and even 90s. It's directed by Michael Winterbottom and is absolutely essential to every pop-rock lover. Also, it makes a lot of references to the industrial crisis of these years and the idea of Manchester as a provincial place in comparison with London, the great cosmopolite city. Everything is encouraged by Tony Wilson, The Haçienda and his label Factory Records.

Everything started with a news TV presenter and lead actor Tony Wilson fed up of just presenting news. Going to the historic concert of Sex Pistols where just 42 attended, he considered that concert so inspiring that everyone should had made something after it. By himself, Tony could achieve creating his weekly music show where he presented new bands and trends according to music in Manchester.

His aim was to put Manchester in the centre of pop-rock culture. Also he set a weekly night in a club where all those new bands he was promoting on TV could perform and there was where the idea of creating Factory Records emerged. To show how involved was him with the new adventure he decided to write the contract with his own blood. In that label artists didn't have contracts and they were free to leave. Joy Division was the first group joining that business, but just a week before their American tour their singer died hanged. It is said that no band survives to his singer death but they could and started a new band called "New Order". In that new period The Haçienda was built by Factory Records Company and that supposed a revolution in Manchester nightlife and music culture. Every good...