Notes on What Dreams May Come

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Notes on

What Dreams May Come


58-59: he sees his grave; he sees his petrified body rotting. He is sickened by the sight of it.

58-59 "where am I" . . . in a place of your own devising . . . your mind has brought you here . . . I felt

Ann's sorrow pulling at me once again. I couldn't leave her alone . . . you're slipping back . . . you either

move on or stay the way you are . . . .

70-71: your love "trapped you in the borderland . . . you might have lingered there for months or years -

centuries even. It's not uncommon. If you hadn't called for help . . . that which you believe becomes

your world . . . what you think does become your world. You thought it only applied to earth but it

applies here even more since death is a refocusing of consciousness from physical to mental - a tuning

into higher fields of vibration . . . death is merely continuation at another level"

76-77: FRAMING A HOUSE: I built this house with my life . . . like the rooms of my mind, the rooms of

the house were not all that attractive. Some were dark and messy and the air in them was heavy .. .

there are building circles . . . groups of people skilled in construction . . . by using their minds. "Always

with mind," he said. "All things start in thought."

RF: Worthiness or unworthiness can be pronounced upon you by others. What you do with it has to do with the world of mental representations you call your own. Worthiness...