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There are moments in life in which you just realize that some questions need to be answered.

You wake up one day and just ask yourself. "What am I gonna do?" First answer that comes to mind: "I'll drink my strong black coffee, smoke my morning cigarette and start the day!" Then, as you watch the sunrise you get to think about the future, maybe see it in shades of pink just as the sky changes from night to day, thoughts run through your head...It all seems simple - "I'll graduate, find a job, buy (rent) a house, get married, have children, grow old and live happily ever after." And it will only take the rest of your life to accomplish that; therefore you won't have any reason to complain...You'll be too busy living your life.

Still, as the sun goes up the sky and you start to see things clearly, it all becomes more complicated than that…far more complicated, in fact.

As you go down the street, there is something hitting you right in your face: You're in Romania, same old Romania, with its newly opened frontiers, but with the same old people going back and forth. Then again you try to see the light, and think that maybe the future is just beginning and you haven't seen the bright part of Romania yet. You cannot help but smiling at your own thoughts…Finished the morning walk, bought the newspaper, and back indoors. No classes today, or maybe a few, but who cares, there are other things to be taken care of…First: read the newspaper. "What should I begin with?, "For rent" or "Jobs"? Today, I'll take the first one".

"Big flat, it has anything you need, in a good area, a few euros per...