Nuclear Energy

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The World Nuclear Association is telling us about nuclear energy. Nuclear energy applied to generating electricity is simply an efficient way of boiling water to make steam which drives turbine generators. Nuclear energy is now the cheaper then fossil fuel alternatives such as coal, gas, and oil. Virtually all nuclear energies waste are contained and managed. Nuclear power plants do not cause any pollution. The fuel for it is unlimited, considering both geological and technological aspects. There is plenty of uranium in the earth's crust and well-proven technology means that we can take about 60 times as much energy from it as we do today. The safest record of nuclear energy is better then for any major industrial technology.

Nuclear energy now supplies over 16% of the world's electricity, more then the used sources in 1960. About 10,000 reactor years of operational experience have been brought about since the 1950's.

The world's 430+ nuclear power reactors.

Nuclear power is very safe. Safety of all the nuclear reactors has been a very high priority in their design and engineering.

Nuclear reactors are expensive to build but are cheap operate. Their economic competitive thus depends on keeping construction to schedule so that the price don't blow out.

The main waste produced by "burning"� uranium in a nuclear reactor is very hot and radioactive. These high levels of nuclear waste are handled and managed carefully. Handling and storing them safely is quite straightforward; they just need to be shielded from human exposure.

Other radioactive waste are also arise from the nuclear fuel cycle, these are higher in volume but are easier to handle.

Nuclear energy is also used to produce the radioisotopes used in many parts about the world today. Health service industry is very dependent of them.

The Chernobyl accident in...