The Oak Tree Ltd. Marketing Mix

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Our products refer the total concept that could be sold with design and quality. The Oak Tree Ltd. has agreed on the special concept to expand into other EU countries, however, to advertise a target group with a high income and customers who are interested in garden/balcony furniture which are lifestyle oriented.

For the EU expedition the Oak Tree Ltd. will sell to the end customers through garden centres and large DIY (do-it-yourself) stores. The company will not support the expand channel in direct selling to larger pubs, restaurants and hotels. The company's core products in oak and teak are seats, benches, loungers, tables of various shapes and sizes and furniture groups (tables with seats).

The quality and design is highly the amount of money buyers pay to gain the benefit of the product. The upper price reflects both the customers perceived value of the products and the competitive atmosphere in the market for those products.

The positioning will be with design, quality and service; because the company is known for excellent design and has won many design prizes. Further, it offers a repair service and a ten-year guarantee on all products.

In addition to its integrated product concept The Oak Tree Ltd. offers a standardized range with different products of home furnishings with good aesthetics design and functionality at higher prices than traditional furniture retailers. The products for the extension concept include the special differences of country weather requirements, culture & tastes and considered the different sizes of gardens/balconies.

The Oak Tree Ltd. has mastered successful promotions in building a locally recognized brand, the company name. The company adhere to the brand name because it is simply to stay in customers head and could be linked with the product line. Only the names of products will be changed country...