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Internal Memorandum

To: Professor J. Dolatowski

From: Christina Mitchell

RE: Virginia State Code

Date: October 6, 2013

I went to google.com and typed in the search engine VA state codes and it brought me to the Virginia Legislative Information site when at the home page you go to left hand corner and click quick link scroll down to the Codes of Virginia. When that page loads you have a search engine asking what it is that you are searching for. You can find the cited information provided below.

The Code of Virginia online database excludes material copyrighted by the publisher, Michie, a division of Matthew Bender. Copyrighted material includes annotations and revisors' notes, which may be found in the print version of the Code of Virginia. Annotated print copies of the Code of Virginia are available in most Virginia public library systems , from LexisNexis (1-800-446-3410), and from West, a Thomson-Reuters business (1-800-344-5008).

Thank you

Christina Mitchell

Legal Research and Writing I LGA1110XA

Paralegal Student

1 Hour