Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder

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Running head: ADULT ASSESSMENT 1



Adult Assessment

Ima Therapist

University of Phoenix

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Note: The following is an example of a professionally-written assessment, with a discussion added of the legal or ethical issues involved, and the "Case Conceptualization" section augmented by a theoretical perspective for the purpose of encouraging student demonstration of critical thinking. Other sections may need to be added, such as a spiritual assessment, or substance abuse assessment, if deemed appropriate to the assignment or the client's situation.



NAME: Amber Chaffey

DATE OF BIRTH: January 4, 1981


REFERRED BY: Psychiatrist, Dr. Steven Hobbs

ASSESSMENT DATE: January 12, 2013

EVALUATED BY: Ima Therapist, MFT Trainee

DESCRIPTION OF CLIENT: (Write what you observe about the client, i.e. age, ethnicity, gender, appearance, noteworthy behaviors, and general impressions.)

The client is a slim 32 year old Caucasian female, married, mother of a four year old son and six year old daughter.

She appeared well groomed and fashionably dressed. She was on time for the interview, was cooperative, and actively engaged in the discussion of her issues and concerns. Through the course of the intake session, client appeared intermittently confident and insecure, as evidenced by her upright posture, direct eye contact, and confident style of speaking, alternating with downcast gaze and avoidance of eye contact when speaking of more sensitive topics regarding her history of maladaptive behaviors.

PRESENTING PROBLEM: (Describe the problem as the client has presented it, as well as any evidence of impaired functioning.)

The client was referred by her psychiatrist for adjunctive psychotherapeutic support of recent mood stabilization efforts. Client reports that she has been having marital difficulties due to her history of promiscuous behavior and problematic mood swings. She further reports that she is aware...