Ocalan, Kurdish Terrorism

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He is Kurdish and he is responsible of 30.000 innocent people's death in Turkey. He hides on the Iraq, Iran, and Syrian borders of Turkey. He has an army-like group to attack the Turkish and Kurdish Villages in the south-eastern Turkey. He kills both Turkish and Kurdish people. However, he acts as if he was the hero of the Kurdish people in Turkey. Most victims are Kurdish as they are all Kurdish villages that he attacked. He burns houses, schools, hospitals, and kills teachers, soldiers, doctors, civil and armed people; in other words, he kills even women and children and EVEN babies.

There is no Country called Kurdistan. Since hundreds of years, Turkish and Kurdish people lived together in peace in eastern Anatolia. As well as all other 6 different ethnic groups living in peace today in Turkey.

He attacks Turkish and Kurdish villages and kidnaps children, wash their brains and trains them as terrorists.

Today, people he kidnapped, burn themselves all over Europe, and commit suicide attacks to schools and military busses. To prevent the growing of education and investment, which will be the only solution for Kurdish and Turkish people there, he attacks schools, factories and State Buildings.

Recorded deaths say that he killed 5332 children and women, 27630 innocent people. We do not want to think about the deaths which were not recorded as they were out of borders of Turkey. He kills even his supporters who go wrong with him. It is guessed that the deaths he caused reaches 37.000 people.

The most of Europe say that he was a political criminal. Now, after seeing the following pages, you will decide if he was a political criminal, or a BABY KILLER terrorist! Abdullah Ocalan was born to a poor peasant family in the Omerli, in...