Oedipus Rex

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If any of us knew that our fate was to murder our father and marry our mother we would all try and elude our destiny, only to learn that our fate can not be eluded.

"Oedipus Rex", written by Sophocles is a play about a man trying to elude his fate. Oedipus Rex is determined to interrupt his fate and elude his destiny only to realize that his fate is inescapable.

From birth Oedipus's life was doomed, his parents were to dispose of him so that he would not curse the city of Thebes. His father was warned that he was cursed and was supposed to dispose his cursed son, but he could not bring himself to murder his son. Therefore, he gave his son to a stranger from the town of Corinth thinking that his son would not be a threat to Thebes if he lived in another city.

It was his fate that he would grow up to murder his father and marry his mother. Oedipus was determined to flee Corinth to try to interrupt his fate, he did not want to harm his parents. In his travels away from Corinth, Oedipus came to a place were the roads converged. Here he got caught up in a violent argument with some travelers. Oedipus's anger broke out and he killed the travelers. Among the men he killed was his real father Lauis, the King of Thebes.

In Thebes Oedipus's next mission was to try and save Thebes. Tto save Thebes Oedipus had to answer the riddle of the Sphinx: " what goes first on four legs, then two, and the three?" ( ). Oedipus solved the riddle, and saved the city of Thebes. The City of Thebes was grateful of Oedipus's action, and they declared him King.