Old Man And The Sea

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That salt seawater stench grazes your nose, "gawk gawk" as the seagulls make their infamous noise. The smell of elderly fishers and their cigars. Does this give you any pictures or images? Well this is the scenery and background of the book "The Old Man and the Sea". This proved to be one of Earnest Hemmingway's greatest achievements. This critically acclaimed book is credited for giving Hemmingway his noble prize. It also won Hemmingway a Pulitzer Prize. And it wasn't just made up. He actually spent time in the situation that he wrote about.

This book takes place in what appears to be the early 1950's. I got this impression by the constant reference to Joe DiMaggio and the New York Yankees. And it takes place in the poor residence of Cuba. When I say poor I don't mean like really poor. It is poor but it is typical for beach house areas.

The story is roughly based around an unlucky but extremely devoted fisherman, Santiago, and his major trial and tribulation. He is old but it still believed to be strong. He bases his life on fishing. But it isn't just about him. It is also about a boy, Manolin who loves Santiago to death. Santiago taught Manolin how to fish when he was young, so young Manolin was only 5 when he first learned. Santiago taught this boy how to work the boats and the fishing equipment.

Now I don't say that Santiago is devoted for no reason. Where the book picks up Santiago had been 84 days without a fish. It might be because of his equipment. He uses very old and rustic equipment. This might be because he has gone almost 3 months with out bringing in a fish. For the first 40...