Old Man And The Sea

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Old Man And The Sea Out of every single book that is in the ninth grade curriculum there is only one that is worth keeping. This one novel is The Old Man and the Sea. Other books students have read throughout the course of the year include; Death Be Not Proud, To Kill A Mocking Bird, Romeo and Juliet, and finally The Odyssey. These books were extremely tedious, hard to follow, and most of the time something students see as a "chore." Reading should not be a "chore" in the mind of the student. When a student goes to read a book assigned by his teacher he or she should want to pick up the book because they find it interesting. The only book that made a student want to pick it up was The Old Man and The Sea because of its reference to religion, its deep relationship between certain characters, and, because of its intensity in most events.

Religion plays a hidden role in the novel The Old Man and the Sea. The reason it is hidden is because the reader has to infer it. In this novel the main character Santiago is being compared the Jesus. This is true for many reasons. First off, Santiago is on a journey to catch a fish and won't stop until he does. Just like Jesus was on a journey to spread religion throughout the world and wouldn't stop until he was done. Also, in this novel Santiago's hands are in great pain. Just like Jesus' hands when he was getting crucified. Additionally, Santiago has a "cross-like" mast that he constantly mentions throughout the entire novel. Exactly like Jesus' cross that he was killed on. Religion plays a great role in this story and makes the reader want to constantly...