The One

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I dreamt of her visage

I crave for her touch

I long for her perceiving

Then I told you everything

I told you about her eyes that I desire

I told you about her lips that I admire

I told you about her face that I adore

I told you about her body that I savor

You minded, you cared

You listened, you attended,

You observed, you concentrated

Then you changed...

You gave me joy and laughter

You lend me a shoulder to cry on

You heed my tales and stories

You valued my psyche as a whole

Of all I cherished

Was that you developed affection

While I was unconscious

About the way we were

Until then that you confessed

And then I analyzed

Then was the time I was knocked

As I doubt for your long-awaited anticipation for me

Are you still there or not

Are you tired enough to move on?

I exerted with all my might

To come clean with it

I did not expect reaction

I expected rejection

But you were still there

From vague to vivid

Though I fell back then

I am now taking off again

Why am I falling for you?

Is it because you are the one that guide me?

Is it because you are the one that take my hand?

Is it because you are the one that can make me fly?

Yes, it is because you are The One

You have always been there

And will always be