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Essay by Si February 2004

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Written by Sian Kelly

Spoken by a mayor or governor of an American state to his citizens.

One Last Time

'They have blood on their hands, and it cannot be washed off'

Citizens, since 1973 we have been silenced but no longer can we be held down by debauchery. For the first time in three decades we have been given that spark to light the path leading back to morality. For the first time since Roe v. Wade the struggle against abortion is focused on the baby, not the mother, and the harm that it inflicts on an unborn child.

In the novel 'Crime and Punishment' Dostoyevsky has his murderous protagonist Raskolnikov complain that 'Men can get used to anything, the beast!'

The fact that we have been gagged by coercion, the fact that we have let society become superior to the morality of compassion, the fact that we have let torture become common place, does this not fortify Dostoyevsky's harsh reality?

The justification for abortion has always been the claim that a woman can do with own body what she will.

If you think that a growing individual is still part of the woman's body then I'm afraid your ignorance is invincible.

I am not unmindful I value the reasoning that we should all have the right to choose in matters of importance but I cannot support it when we are freely choosing whose life is to be unimportant and insignificant. If a baby is unwanted at present, it does not mean that it will be unwanted for the rest of its life

There is a choice to be made and it should be indubitably made before conception, after is just too late, for every person in this land has elementary rights and surely the most primary...