One Scary Night

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As Katie sat in Mr. Thompson's class, she couldn't keep her mind on Algebra. The thought of the night's events sent chills up and down her spine. All week Katie and her friends had been planning for tonight, Halloween. A few other kids and they would be creeping into Big Woods Cemetery, which is an old Civil War cemetery that is said to be used by weird atheists that sacrifice goats and other small animals. For so long, kids have talked about going, but no one ever had. The thought haunting Katie's mind was that she would be there tonight.

The final bell rang and awakened Matt who had been dreaming all through History. Finally, the exhausting school day was over and the fun could finally begin. He practically ran to his Ford F150 with the thought of the night on his mind. As he left the school parking lot he waved to Sarah and Jake, who he'd be meeting up with later that evening.

Katie walked into her house and was bombarded by a three foot elephant. It was her baby brother Tyler. "When are we going trick-or-treating Kay-Kay?" asked Tyler in an incredibly cut way. "Not until it gets dark Ty, but I promise we are going," replied Katie. She then made her way to her room and plopped on her bed to call her boyfriend Thomas. "Hello?" said a raspy voice on the other end of the line. "Hey babe, how are you feeling?" asked Katie, knowing that Thomas had stayed in bed that morning, hoping to rid his sore throat before that Halloween night. "I feel better, but still a little hoarse. My mom needs the phone, so I will come by your house around 5:30 and we will take Tyler for a little while," said Thomas. "Okay, great! See you soon. Bye!" said Katie excitedly. She rolled over to take a nap before the evening's events began to take place.

Later that night around 8:00, Thomas and Katie pulled into a deserted parking lot. Awaiting them, was Matt, Haylee, Sarah, Jake, and Jake's younger brother. The two vehicles took off towards Big Woods. Katie and Haylee were talking about how terrified they were when the vehicle they were in suddenly stopped. The girls looked up to see the rusty, old cemetery sign swinging eerily in the wind.

Slowly the teenagers climbed out of the two vehicles and huddled together. They shined their flashlights and eventually crept into the deserted cemetery. As they neared the rear of the cemetery, they could see blue flames burning closer to the edge of the woods. Now was their chance to see what they had been hearing about for what seemed like months now. Trembling, Katie tried to run back to the car, but Thomas told her it was okay, so they continued forward. Several yards from the fire they saw footprints in the soggy, muddy ground. Just as they turned around to run for the cars two hooded creatures stepped out from behind a tree. Frozen, the kids didn't know what to do. As the creatures grew uncomfortably closer, Sarah screamed the most frightening scream ever heard. All of a sudden the two creatures grabbed Jake and Matt and began laughing as they realized that their prank had worked. Revealing themselves was Katie's dad and his friend who had overheard Katie talking about the cemetery earlier that week. They had been planning the prank all week knowing that the "Haunted Cemetery" story wasn't true. Everyone seemed to have a good laugh in the end as they all climbed into cars and drove safely home.