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College Essay

Antionne Jones

My name is Antionne Jones and I am currently a resident of North Babylon, New York. I graduated from high school in 2008 and am currently unemployed. I am looking to get into school again after such a long break, actually this will be my third attempt to attend school without the interference of the school messing me up with system error, losing my credits (not sure how that was possible). Being sick; in 2009 I attended Nassau Community college and 1 month into the semester I had a seizure. It is now 2013 and I have long been released to go back to school.

I have attended Suffolk Community College for 3 semesters while working at target at the same time. I have never finished Suffolk Community College because they somehow lost my credits, even though I never even knew that to be possible.

I asked many questions, made many phone calls, and my question has never been answered to how my credits got lost. Than in 2012 I attempted to attend online classes with Everest College, but than my online access stopped working and even though I called to work the errors out, the errors never changed and I ended up getting withdrawn from classes. But I am looking to start again because I would love to learn more about computers and the networks.