An operating definition of Organizational Behavior.

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Organizational Behavior

Organizations downsize to keep their doors open, government has budget cuts and jobs are lost, some companies are growing within leaps and bounds creating new positions, changing computer systems, and add new employees everyday. Positive or negative changes within an organization affects people who are directly and indirectly involved and their outlook on the company. The proper definition of Organizational Behavior (OB) is the field of study that explores individuals groups and structure act in an organization. This study analyzes the relationships between individual to group, individual to organization and group to organization. The need for studying how individual groups behave in an organization has became more important than ever before.

Organizational behavior includes many a wide range of topics, such as human behavior, organizational changes, leadership, teams, etc. Organizations are built on the foundation of someone in management's ideas, ethics, values, and vision; therefore Organizational Behavior has become the most common tool for studying the management's effectiveness in the workplace.

Many companies have failed because it did not fully utilize the studies available to when making major change in their organization. Organizational Behavior in a proper sense is the study of human behavior with an organizational setting. Organizational Behavior is based on theories, methods, and principles and individual perception. Each individual has a different of idea of professional, personal, and ethical behavior. In management, a supervisor has to have the skills to distinguish between the different behaviors, mold or modify to organizational standards, or learn to work around those behaviors that cannot be modified. When self-esteem/morale is high, the employee's loyalty and commitment to the company's goals increases. But when the self esteems and/or morale is low it is more likely that the company will have difficulty getting the employees involved in the success of the...