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Why do police officers believe that they can harass and threaten innocent civilians just because they are different looking teenagers? I think that if a police officer sees a kid that is on a skateboard or has baggy clothes they take them for a bad person and think it's alright to harass them even without just cause. Another opinion I have about cops is that they are not on your side they were just kids who got harassed in school ad are getting revenge on society.

The reason I have these opinions is because all officers that I have come in contact with has only been rude. Whatever happened to officer friendly the police officer just there to help now cops will just stop you walking down the road and search you or take your skateboard. This to me is not fair because police officers are supposed to there to help the general public all I see is them paralyzing it.

Shouldn't police officers be out catching thieves, murderers and rapists? But they'd rather sit comfortably in their car and yell at kids walking on the sidewalk.

One example of needless police harassment I have encountered personally would be. One day last summer my friend and I were sitting on some benches talking about skateboarding when a young cop rode up on his pricey mountain bike and told us we couldn't be on the benches and we had to "keep moving". So we asked him why we had to move and not the elderly couple a few benches in back of us. He said that we were not to be trusted and if we didn't leave we would be placed under arrest for disturbing the peace. Well we argued about it for awhile but we soon realized there...