Opposing viewpoints on the Israeli separation wall.

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Oren Yoeli

World Civ.

Sides of a Wall

By the end of the year 2003, the Israeli government will have finished a project that has been in the works for many years. This project is a security wall that will surround selected areas of the West Bank. There are many people that oppose this wall and many people that support it. The following pages will present the two arguments, and my personal opinion.

Those who oppose the building of the wall are against it for the following reasons: they see it as a land grab, they are concerned that it will lead to economic and cultural isolation, that it ignores the issue of right of return for the Palestinians, and that it will reduce the amount of water available to Palestinians. The land grab appears to be of greatest concern since the wall will engulf ten percent of the West Bank.

In building the wall, the Israelis are enclosing more than 37,500 acres in the northern part of the West Bank alone and many people do not see the point of this. To make matters worse, in some areas the wall is not being built near the "green line," (Israel's pre-1967 borders), and is being built near schools, shops and homes instead.

Because of this annexation, some 10,000 cattle will be separated form their grazing land, fifty tons of fruits and 100,000 tons of vegetables will be confiscated, and an additional 2,200 tons of olive oil (per season) will be destroyed. Because of the inability to move out of the section surrounded by the wall, 6,500 jobs will be lost, worsening the already poor Palestinian economy. Along with land, the Israelis will confiscate more than 30 water wells. These wells contain more than four million cubic...