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The management of change is now commonly viewed as a complex and difficult area worthy of special attention and study (Buchanan & Boddy, 1992). Despite a limit number of individual successes, organisational change remains difficult to achieve. Many recent studies underscore that the low success rate of many change initiatives may be due to poor change leadership and insufficient attention being paid to the "people issues" (Senior, 2002). An organisational transformation perturbs an established system in many ways, particularly among the people who are directly affected by the change. In dealing with and adjusting to the change, employees manifest numerous reactions. Managers who oversee the day-to-day implementation of these transformations are often not very familiar with these reactions, and they are uncertain about how best to help their employees quickly adapt to the change.

Organisations perceive change as very important for its survival and prosperity in today's most competitive environment and new business challenges.

The success and performance superiority of organizations are very much dependent on its ability to align its internal arrangement with the demand of external world (Diefenbach, 2007). Major organisational changes or innovations can anticipate resistance, especially if proposed changes alter values and visions related to the existing order (Trader-Leigh, 2002).

The purpose of this essay is to examine the nature of resistance to organisational change-why and how it occurs and the importance of effective response. The paper argues that change resistance may in some circumstances be a hindrance and an obstacle to achieving effective organisational change. In organisational change processes, not only the structures and procedures are being completely redefined. Rather, the whole organisational culture; the attitudes, mind sets, action schemes, and values grown with the old structures, has to change appropriately in order to enable the members of the organisation to make sense of...