Organization Behavior

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OB is the study of human behaviour in the workplace. Basically, an organization try's to find out its individual and organizational factors to accomplish the desired goal set by the organization by utilizing and extracting the maximum effectiveness of the employees. As employees are the greatest assets of an organization but also make up 75 percent of the operating costs. So, to make organization better by taking better decisions one has to study organizational behaviour which studies all the factors that have an impact on the individuals and groups acting in organizations. OB provides details about the factors and forces that effect behaviour which managers used to make better decisions about coordination of resources and find ways to motivate employees to achieve the desired objective of the organization. In an organization the workforce constitute diverse people possessing different interests, attitudes, abilities, beliefs and values. So, it become must for its managers to bring them together many issues raised such as: -

1) How could they extract the best from the employees and how to allocate them specific work and whether this would be beneficial and how practical is it?

2) How to manage and develop culture of the organization?

3) Whether provide employee job satisfaction or lay focus on getting the desired results?

4) What tools should be require improving organizational behaviour?

5) How can the managers eliminate the wrong aspects of the employees and how come enhanced their performance?