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Organizational behavior can change based on both internal and external forces. These can include: restructuring, the organizational mission, customer demands, and globalization. Each of these forces were discussed by Team B of the Organizational Behavior and Group Dynamics class provided at University of Phoenix based on how the different forces affect each individuals organization. Following is a summary of the discussion and the comparison between team member's organization and how organizational behavior is affected by internal and external forces.

Restructuring is an internal force that many organizations go through. Organizational behavior can differ based on the level of restructuring that occurs and based on the different organizations.

•Ryder Integrated Logistics has gone through consolidation and reductions of facilities. The result has been cutbacks that increase workloads and increases the job responsibilities of their employees.

•RGIS has gone through minor restructuring that included minor cutbacks. The cutbacks have caused some managers to relocate to other locations.

•The Ramsey County Emergency Communications center went through a merger and restructuring that caused uncertainty with employees. Workloads increased for some employees and decreased for others.

Restructuring may be an internal force but is often the result of an external force. The economy is the number one reason different team member's organizations have had to go through restructuring.

Organizational missions are ways to rally the entire employee's together to unite to work as one unit and remain organized to be efficient to get the work done. As Robert Reich states in his description of the company of the future: "Talented people want to be part of something that they can believe in, something that confers meaning on their work, on their lives-something that involves a mission." Mission statements are written statements that describe and help focus theAttention of organizational members and external constituents on...