Organizing Functions of Management

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Organizing Function of Management

Carl R. Foster

MGT 330

December 2, 2008

Linda Fisher-Lewis

University of Phoenix

Organizing Function of Management

The organizing function of management is the process of defining and process of establishing the internal structure of the business. The focus is on division, coordination, control of tasks and the flow of information within the organization. The organizational resources available to a company must be utilized to the full potential available. Good managers distribute responsibility and authority to employees as they delegate duties, remembering that delegation of authority does not free the manager from accountability. An organizational chart illustrates the organizational structure by showing job titles, lines of authority and relationships between departments.

Physical assets

Poor information might help explain why physical assets and property are no-shows in the strategic organizing plans of many businesses. A physical asset is capable of creating or destroying value at any stage in its life cycle, and physical asset management is about ensuring the value profile of the asset.

At Unity/TBS Couriers an example of physical assets would be our drivers. This area is where customer service is on display for customers, because timeliness in most cases is critical, meaning time is money. The poor management of these assets has created something of an albatross. While the service plans were designed to attract clients, the services were not managed. The result of this poor management is evident in several customers' services being under bid for the service they receive. If management had properly reviewed the request for

service along with the cost for service analysis from the problem could have been corrected and the account would be profitable. Currently there are two solutions to the problem. The first is to customize service for...