Othello Animal Imagery

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Animal Imagery

Many authors and play writer have effectively used the comparison of humans and animals which has been interesting to say the least and also a powerful tool. Shakespeare has used this comparison in many of his plays. Even today people see authors and play writers using animal/human comparisons. It is very influential and isn't very difficult to comprehend. In Shakespeare's play Othello, animal imagery is used through the entire play. Animal imagery helped show the characters actual identity. It also gave the play some added drama. Mental vivid pictures were created in the reader's mind, which helped understand the play. It also helps show differences between things and characters. So the animal imagery is a convincing device used during the entire play to further develop the tragic play.

The use of animal imagery helps differentiate the characters from each other. It's demonstrated from the very beginning with Iago. Iago is evil and very manipulative and uses animal imagery right from the beginning. Iago tells Brabantio about what Desdemona has done which was run away and marry Othello. Iago says to him, "…You'll have your daughter/covered with Barbary horse." (I, i, 112-113) Iago wants Othello to seem like the bad guy. Iago wants Brabantio to do something to Othello. Iago's evilness is shown right from the get go and is noticeable during the entire play. His devilish thoughts were particular illustrated by his use of animal imagery. At the beginning Othello and Iago were completely different. Othello was a noble gentleman and was known for his importance. He never compared humans to animals and never talked about animals. It all changed once Iago began to manipulate and lie to him. When Othello's character started to change from good to bad, he started to use animal imagery more and more.