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Fantastic ImaginationFive years ago, I remember hearing a dreadful story about a ten year old boy who was unloved and uncared for by his parents. He took his younger brother to the train tracts and shot him thinking nothing of it as he returned home. Having an imagination isn’t always a positive thing. Imagination is something that is intangible, concrete and created only by the mind. As a matter of fact, the imagination can be surprisingly destructive. The way our parents view us will affect us in regards to the way we perceive certain images having to do with who we are as people. Therefore, being viewed negatively or positively may or may not create a false image, and poor sense of reality in the world in which we live. I will be writing about a three view of parents and how it affects the child. The first one is when the parent imagines their children to be perfect, which are controlling parents.

Then the parent that doesn’t pay any attention whatsoever to their child which can make the child hateful. Thirdly I will be writing about a more laid back parent that loves and lets the child do what they want, under set bounderies.

As a result of the way children are treated by their parents, children develop differently. There are parents that permit children to go to the extreme; never caring what is going on in their life. These are the children that are alone and begin a life within them. They never interact with the people around them because they think that they might be treated the way they were treated by their parents. But at times, the child could become demonic. Their imagination is usually depressing and gothicAnother type of extreme parenting, are those parents who...