Our local Pastor talks openly about a Dr. Seuss Book

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A Pastor of My local Church

Interview face to face

I asked the Pastor "What is your faviorite Book"? She told me about a child's book, written by Dr. Seuss. "Horton Hears a Who". Pastor Sondra told me this story is about pro-life and not too many people realize this. She tells me that Dr. Seuss does this in a way that a child could understand the pro-life isssue. For instance, in the book, one main theme that Dr. Seuss keeps reiterating is that a person is a person, no matter how small. As chirstain we know the truth about Jesus Christ , but the people around us may not see the truth as we see it, or understand it. We as christains know the truth and we have to hold onto that truth and perhaps our voices can help a "Who".

Our pastor is a full-time Student majoring in Psycholgy.

She teaches at our local church in our area. The Children she teaches are betweeen two and twelve years old. We believe in the Power of Jesus Christ. All of our children are from christain families in our area. Pastor Sondra has four boys ranging in ages thirteen to twenty. Her husband is also a Pastor. Three of her sons are in college, and one is still home being homed schooled. Pastor Sondra has been a positive model for our little ones and attends conferences all over the United States with her teenagers. She shares the Bible, and also sings christains songs along with her eldest son. She is very well liked & respected in our local community. The family is Afro-American.